Imse Vimse Organic Cotton Flannel Nursing Pads 3 Pair

Imse Vimse flannelette nursing pads are used for absorbing milk leakage. The natural cotton absorbs moisture and can be machine washed. They help keep clothes dry, while allowing airflow. 100% certified organic cotton offers superior softness and comfort to synthetics, which do not breathe as well. With a contour shape, these work in any regular or nursing bra. Cotton is very absorbent, but can feel cold when it gets wet. It is important to keep the breasts warm and comfortable if you are lactating, as this helps with circulation and ensures better milk production for the baby. If you use cotton nursing pads, make sure to change them after they get wet. 3 pairs per package. Made By: Imse Vimse Made Of: 100% Certified Organic Cotton Made In: Sweden Dimensions: 13cm / 5″ Diameter
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