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    Capture and share life as you live it. Wear Looxcie to video everything you see. Instantly email clips or post them to Facebook, Youtube, or Twitter.

    The first truly wearable camcorder, Looxcie now has two mobile apps, LooxcieCam and LooxcieMoments. Record memories you want to preserve in full 480p, 30 fps video with LooxcieCam. Create and instantly share clips of unexpected moments using LooxcieMoments, the original mobile Looxcie App.

    TIME Magazine named Looxcie one of the “50 Best Inventions for 2010.” The social video movement is here and Looxcie has you covered. This innovative wearable camcorder lets you continuously record real-time video without needing to press a record button. Designed for people who never want to miss capturing and sharing spontaneous moments, Looxcie gives you the freedom to be both director and participant. It records everything you see, so you can join the action.

    Optimized for iPhone and Android
    To take full advantage of the power of Looxcie, a compatible smartphone is required (see “Supported Devices” list below). When paired with an iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 running iOS 4.2 or higher, or an Android phone running version 2.0 or higher, this small wearable camcorder lets you continuously record everything you see without always pressing a record button. Using the free Looxcie app on your compatible smartphone, you can preview your video, create clips, and share them with friends via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, email, and more.

    View Life Through Your Eyes, Not a Viewfinder
    Looxcie is an extension of your eyes, continuously recording everything you see. There are no tiny viewfinders, screens, or buttons to worry about–once turned on, Looxcie records it all. With Looxcie, you won’t be stuck behind a camcorder; you’ll be fully present in the moment.

    With the free Looxcie App, Looxcie turns your compatible device into a viewfinder, remote control, and video editor. Simply turn on Looxcie, personalize the fit for

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