Caidrox Cd-3000 with External Camera/free 4g Sd Card

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  • Forward, Backward 2channel option – Forward – 1.3M pixels CMOS type ( Second camera can be connected optionally)
  • AV-OUT – Confirm Real time recorded image with Navigation(GPS) easily.
  • 3D Google Earth Map – confirm driven way anytime.
  • Compressed files with H.264 type (High quality / Low capacity)

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CAIDROX is a video recording device for vehicles. Its main purpose is to record the relevant information
of driving such video, speed, position and vocie throuth the high-quality built-in camera and
an external camera(optional), GPS module and G-sensor. In particular, in case of vehicle accident,
it records the accident information that can provide the important reference data for determining
the cause of accident and its accountability. In short, it is a Driving Safety Assistant product.
CD-3000 Product Features
1. Recording the video images of the front and rear side view(inside the car)while driving
In addition to the front image recording camera embedded in the Product body, you can use a
separate exteral camera(optional) for recording the front view images and the rear view(inside the car)images.
2. Storing the driving records with built-in GPS
The embedded High performance U-blox 6 GPS enables it to record the driving route, speed and the coordinates at the time of recording,
which can provide additional data for the circumstantial evidence.
3. File viewer mode(TV out cable sold separatly)
You can play/check the real-time and recorded video images through the display devices such as GPS navigation, and it is easy to set
and change your preferences setting of the product by the real-time preferences setting function.
4. Recorded video file security
You can easily set the password exclusively through the dedicated viewer, and if the password is set, the recorded video files can be viewed only
through the dedicatied viewer when the password is authenticated. the video files applied with the encryption do not support playing with the
general media players.
5. Creating accident report
You can creat the accident report for submitting the accident evidence by using the video images, GPS information and G-Sensor information at the time of accident.

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